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Electronics & GDSM

supply chain management solutions


Electronics & GDSM

FNI Logistics specializes in handling electronic cargo. Our end-to-end solutions offer complete visibility and monitoring, starting from pickup to point-of-sale. With advanced tracking systems, you will receive real-time updates on shipments, empowering informed decision-making and providing peace of mind.

Our Services Encompass

Reliable, Efficient, and Affordable Logistics Solutions


Professionals at FNI Logistics excel in communication. They engage effectively with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, ensuring clear and concise interaction.


FNI Logistics’ experts possess the skill to identify and resolve logistics challenges. Their experience and expertise allow them to craft innovative solutions that align with customer requirements.


Collaboration is a hallmark of FNI Logistics’ professionals. They adeptly collaborate with others to achieve shared objectives, a pivotal element for the successful execution of logistics operations.

3PL Services

FNI Logistics offers comprehensive 3PL services, managing all or a specific portion of logistics operations for customers. This empowers businesses to focus on their core activities